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Tilín Cacao´s mission is to inspire and celebrate journey, through the medium of cacao. Because contrary to popular belief, you can find and take a journey, anywhere, anytime. No need to cross borders, or book a transatlantic flight. All that is required, is you. Your energy, your excitement, your fears. You own it.  And our team and our cacao from the equatorial forest of Colombia, hopes that through the experience you have with our products, we can remind you of that, even if just a little.

In the tradition that built Colombia, the farmers entrusted their cacao to the arrieros, leaders of the traveling caravans. The name Tilín is the sound the caravans make as they travel across Colombia, stopping at pueblos to bring letters from distant relatives, and complete the journey of cacao to its craftsmen. Tilín is the bells of the donkeys that sound as the arriero journeys onward, from farm to farm, following the path of cacao. As the arrieros round the last mountain crest, across the valley, tilín tilín tilín, can be heard. 

Wherever you may find yourself, we hope that you can stop for a moment, and think about the things you so often think about doing, but put off, because of obligations, fears, hesitations. Because real journey doesnt require passports, backpacks, and border crossings. It requires authenticity, and pushing your limits,  a little bit at a time. We all journey in our own way. And from us at Tilín Cacao, we hope we can  encourage you to journey with us.  Tilín Cacao, for the journey.

Danny Michlewicz, Founder

P.S:  As a team, journey is vital to our life. Living in Colombia and the United States, our team has to cross borders and think in different languages on a daily basis. If you are eager for new opportunities, ready to push your limits, and want to join our cause, please email us at danny@tilincacao.com.