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In the 1800s as Colombia was being developed, leaders of donkey caravans, arrieros, made treks from village to village.
The caravans carried cacao from family farms, along with the faraway messages of sons and daughters, lovers and friends.

At the end of long days, as the arrieros rounded the last mountain crest before their descent,
villagers would hear the sound of distant bells approaching. Tilín Tilín Tilín they would sound.

And in those final Tilíns, the great journey would be revealed to the village.
The journey of the cacao farmer, tenderly harvesting ripe red pods,
the arriero navigating across mountain peaks and through jungles,
and the hopes and dreams of loved ones, arriving at their origin.

We invite you to try Tilín Cacao. Journey to the origin of Cacao. For your Journey.