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Ever since we were young, we would drink chocolate - pronounced cho-coh-la-tay - at the table. The chocolate came from cacao pods harvested in the Sierra, the foothills of Santander, or the tropics of Tumaco. From the corners of Colombia, the varietals all had their own unique taste, like a fine wine, which you could discern right away, fresh from the pod.

That cacao of my childhood still exists. The notes of hazelnut, the hints of red wine and deep berries dont fade. Add fermenting, add roasting, add sugar, but that fine taste does not go away.
Colombia might export coffee, but we eat chocolate.
We drink it for breakfast and snack on it during long journeys.

Some call it a superfood, but I call it the taste of home.
We call the cacao that we work with Tilin Cacao.