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I grew from a little flower, on an old old tree.
Sets up the story....
My brothers and I, we never had very much. But our family traveled often, and what we lacked in possessions we had in stories. We were a happy family.

One day we snuck into a bag with some of the freshies headed for a distant town. But we did not stop there. The world was changing, and we wanted to see the new canvases before us, feel the lives of the people, meet the challenges of it all.
Play on the fact that the world is changing right now.

We can say that this was a special journey of all the journeys we took, or this was THE journey.We stumbled many times. It was not always fun. But how how wonderful, how strange this world.

They say that for every cacao fruit, the size of an American football, there is 1 oz of chocolate that is made in the big factories. And I see now how that comes to pass.
For every new horizon that enriches us, a part of us also stays behind.

We might leave a part of ourselves behind in the Andes. We might break off a piece for the whales of the Pacific Coast. Some of us will find love in foreign lands, some will choose to stay to where we were born.

Our paths are all different, we journey in our own way.
And me, I love my home where I grew up.
Theres a part of me that goes back there every day.
But I am still journeying. Tilin Cacao, for the journey.